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  • Single Vision
    Regular glasses for shortsightedness/myopia, farsighted/hyperopia TV, driving,reading,computer etc. On demand or everyday use.
  • Progressive
    Multifocals (invisible transition) for people more than 45 years old, who want one pair of glasses they can use for all purposes ; reading ,TV etc.
  • Show All
    Single and progressive lenses, all alternatives to select from.

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(Please note that the additional cost for lenses other than standard single vision is per PAIR of lenses. HMC - Antireflex coating (AR) and Quartz Anti-scratch Hard-coating (HC) is included for all lenses, which it always should be for quality optics.)


  • Tinted 10%, 60%, 80% (Antireflex Coating (AR) and HardCoating/AntiScratch (HC) included)

    Permanent color in the lens. If the eyeglasses are meant to be used as sunglasses, up to 80% tint is recommended, available as bright as 10% color.

  • Gradient color (Antireflex Coating (AR) and HardCoating/AntiScratch (HC) included)

    Permanent colour in the lens. Gradient tinting, which can be chosen from the darkest version 80% in the upper part – and decreases, down to 10% colour in the bottom part of the lens.

  • Mirror glasses (Antireflex Coating (AR) and HardCoating/AntiScratch (HC) included)

    Tinted/colored sunglasses, with the choice of 60% or 80% color. (60% is the preferred alternative). Mirror surface ”so that no-one can see your eyes or where you look”. In addition to the ”classic” SILVER MIRROR, the alternatives GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW(/GOLD) are available. The coolest prescription sunglasses there is!

Note: For polarized lenses, go to SELECT YOUR LENS

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Standard Lenses Single Vision. Index 1,5 HMCcoatingincluded. +$ 0

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0 +$ 00

Total $198

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