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  • Single Vision
    Regular glasses for shortsightedness/myopia, farsighted/hyperopia TV, driving,reading,computer etc. On demand or everyday use.
  • Progressive
    Multifocals (invisible transition) for people more than 45 years old, who want one pair of glasses they can use for all purposes ; reading ,TV etc.
  • Show All
    Single and progressive lenses, all alternatives to select from.

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Sphere (SPH)

Cylinder (CYL)

Axis (AXE)

Right Eye (OD)

Left Eye (OS)

Addition (ADD)

If PD is not known, you may use the average values which are 62mm for women, 64mm for men

If PD is not known, you may use the average values which are 62mm for women, 64mm for men

Pupil Distance

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SPH: Your spherical power, plus (+) or minus (-).
CYL: Indicates the degree of astigmatism.
AXE: Indicates the direction of astigmatism.
PD: Your Pupillary Distance.
ADD: Additional power for short range (reading) vision.
 VA:  Visual Acuity is not relevant for the lenses

 Pupil Height:  Distance from the lower part of the lens to straight in front of the pupil, measured in millimeters. Standard height for the model (based on the average for this model) will be used, unless you have access to measuring this on the actual glasses.

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Select Your Lens

(Please note that the additional cost for lenses other than standard single vision is per PAIR of lenses. HMC - Antireflex coating (AR) and Quartz Anti-scratch Hard-coating (HC) is included for all lenses, which it always should be for quality optics.)


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