Blue Gradient. Price addition per pair of lenses. Added to basic price Panto with single vision lenses, which are FREE.

(Including HMC AntiReflex and Quartz Scratch Resistant Coating)


Very male looking blue cafè-glasses. Gradient from darker blue in the uppserpart, to slightly less colored in the lower part of the lens. Anti reflex and hard coating is recommended for all organic lenses for clear and comfortable vision and as long scratch-free life as possible for the lenses.

  • Color : Yellow
  • Shape : Panto Shape


In most cases, sunglasses have poorer surface coating of the lenses than optical lenses for correcting myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or multifocals/progressive. Rarely the lenses are offered with anti reflex and hard coating to protect from scratches. PantoGlasses are branded glasses where all lenses are premium optical lenses with the best coatings. This appeals for both clear glasses with optical correction, and sunglasses with or without optical correction. You may select several PantoGlasses frames in acetate (”plastic”-material), and several different lenses; clear or various cool and high quality sunglasses. Depending on the situation or use, you may swap the lenses easily from one frame to another.