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€ 189 including lenses. FREE SHIPPING!

The true Panto range

The original shape of the lens – designed by combining six radiuses.
A variety of models, colors and materials – all with the same shape of the lens


You may buy one pair of progressive glasses, another pair of reading or- computer glasses
or whatever combination. If you then need a pair of Cool sunglasses in addition, you will get
the pair with the lowest price for free. Different Panto models or colors from one
day/situation/outfit to another, is for sure something you will love!
As well as an extra pair- just in case


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Notable Comments About

I bought my first Panto when I was 16. I wanted a neat, although strong pair of glasses, that I could also use when playing handball, fishing and enjoying the outdoor life. I have used Panto ever since, although it has been difficult to find in the market.

Bjørn Olav Haukeliseter, ICT Responsible Kviteseid

Panto has excisted  for 100 years. It is great to find true Panto available in the market – in all relevant models. I love these easy-to-suit iconic glasses. Available for good prices, I can now enjoy a whole selection of models!

Anders Haug Thomassen, LESS Emergency Preparedness
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