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PantoGlasses is designed using the original shape of the optical lens – designed by combining six radiuses.
A variety of models, colors and materials – all with the same shape of the lens

You may buy one pair of progressive glasses, another pair of reading or- computer glasses or whatever combination. if you then need a pair of cool sunglasses in addition, you will get the pair with the lowest price for free. Different panto models or colors from one day/situation/outfit to another, is for sure something you will love! As well as an extra pair- just in case ☺

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See your local optician or optometrist to have your eyes and vision tested. They have many years of education and are specialized in finding the right glasses for your eyes. If they find any discrepancies that indicate that an ophthalmologist/eye doctor should examine your eyes, they will refer you to the specialist for further medical investigation.

When the refraction is determined by the optician and you have paid for the good job done, the test result is yours to keep, in addition to them filing it in their records.

You can then buy your glasses from the selection of the optician, see another optician, or buy your eyeglasses online.

Your need might be quality reading glasses for use at close distance, which happens to all of us, typically after the age of 45. The disadvantage is that when wearing reading glasses, everything at further distance than a meter is blurred. Progressive glasses (also called multifocal or bifocals) are advanced multifunction optical lenses that lets you see all objects clear as when you were young.

A large percentage of people are myopic (shortsighted) and benefit substantially from wearing prescription eyeglasses to see details clearly at distance.

Hyperopic (farsighted) is a description of those who need plus-lenses to see clearly without the constant stress on the eyes of constantly focusing.

Astigmatism is a common refractive error of the eyes that most often is combined with one of the above.

Although the main reason for wearing glasses is to see clearly, without stress or pain from the eyes, fashion glasses are what we might look for whether we try out eyeglasses locally or buy glasses online. Although the world has seen all kinds of shapes and sizes, the rounded spectacles have always been the favorite choice of most users of glasses as well among glasses designers. The classic shape of panto glasses was introduced in the 1920’s and have had a major position in the market since. Right now, they are more popular than ever.

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