The unique features of the PantoGlasses range of glasses is that all the models have identical shape and size of the lenses.
When the Panto models were developed in the 1930’s, THIS was the shape of the original models. The shape could be described as “circular in the lower part of the lens, oval in the upper part”. The shape is carefully designed by a compass, combining 6 different radiuses to the perfected orbital shape.
The design is totally symmetrical from right to left side. That means that you could(if that was the intention),turn the panto lens 180 degrees around a horizontal axis, or swap the lens from one side of the optical frame to the other.

The glasses are shaped as a natural frame that follows the anatomical shapes of the orbita. The upper part is flatted, to follow just under the eyebrows. This is the reason why “the true panto shape suits everyone